Curator Exchange Program Troms fylkeskultursenter (NOR) -> Luleå /Boden (SE)

We ended our Transfer North network project with a study and inspiration trip to Luleå and Boden in Norrbotten county, Sweden. Project manager/Troms fylkeskultursenter Jasmina Bosnjak, and Tromsø based film curator Sarah Schipschack (Kurant/Polar Film Lab) visited Havremagasinet in Boden, and met with their new director Cornelius Stiefenhofer. We learned more about Ressurscentrum för konst i Norrbotten’s work with Swedish Lapland AiR from director Hanna Isaksson, who also took us to the Luleå konsthall and gave us a short guided tour in the city, telling us more about its history and architecture. Artist and the Art consultant in Norrbotten county Lena Ylipää told us about the situation in the art scene in Norrbotten and took us to Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad i Luleå, where we met director Birgitta Lindström, and artist and chair woman of KKV Luleå board, Birgitta Linhart and got very impressed by the workshops and possibilites they offer to artists. On Friday morning just before we left Luleå we met Anja Örn and Therese Engström who run Galleri Syster, an important meeting point for contemporary art and a room for talks and discussions in Norrbotten, based on a feminist view of the world. We would like to thanks our hosts and are looking forward to the future collaborations with you!

Learn more about the art scene in Norrbotten by visiting these websites:
ArtNorth – Norrbotten Contemporary Art Development Center (Resurscentrum för konst)
Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad i Luleå
Galleri Syster


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