Transfer North Residency: Elektroteatr (RUS) -> Tromsø (NOR)

Elektroteatr is an artist collective based in Arkhangelsk, Northwest-Russia.It consists of two visual artists Oleg Samoilov and Masha Biryukova. Elektroteatr organizes cultural events, personal exhibitions, collaborates with local and foreign artists as well as provides assistance and support to partner’s projects.


Supporting the artist run initiatives has been an important part of the Transfer North project. Oleg Samoilov and Masha Biryukova from Elektroteatr took part in Transfer North/Transfer Barents residency in Tromsø, in April 2018.  Elektroteatr has done research and met  potential partners for future collaboration projects, including the festival “Selektor”  that is one of the projects that Masha and Oleg are involed with in Arkhangelsk.

Read more about Elektroteatr here


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