Transfer North Residency: CYLAND MediaArtLab (RUS) -> Tromsø (NOR)

Curators and artists from CYLAND MediaArtLab in St Petersburg:

Elena Gubanova
Artist, Curator

Sergey Komarov
Sound Artist, Curator

Alexey Grachev
Artist, Software and Hardware Engineer

were invited for a research residency in Tromsø in April 2018.

Founded in 2007, CYLAND is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the intersection of Art :: Tech through an annual international festival, visual exhibitions, sound art, video art, and educational programming.

During their residency in Tromsø they visited art institutions and organizations including Tvibit – Youth Culture Center, Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art and Creative Writing, and had studio visits with young artists who use technology in their artistic practices – Markus Garvin, Humle I. Rosenkvist and Viktor Pedersen, who was invited to take part in an exhibition “Slepki”, curated by Gubanova, in May 2018, in St Petersburg.


At Tvibit

At the Art Academy



Viktor Pedersen’s work, from the series “Exodus” (2016) * at the exhibition in St Petersburg


*Exodus (2016)- 7 computer generated images, digital print

Exodus is a series of 7 computer-generated images that each depicts a sculpture of a greek deity. The images are composed in a 3d program, utilising open-source digital objects the artist has excavated from the internet. These are then arranged to create surreal scenes that hint at a mysterious narrative. The pictures are inspired by greek and renaissance sculpture, and the hermetic idea that through worshipping the depiction of a deity, you would grant that deity magic power.





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