Transfer North Network Meeting -> Arkhangelsk, Russia


Transfer North network meeting in Arkhangelsk has been organized in connection to the to the “МИГрация / Migration – a moment of mind” exhibition,  from October 3-7. The event was arranged as the continuation of the Forum of Contemporary Arts in the European North gathering member of the projects “Migration from a Northern Perspective”, “Transfer North“ and „AiR Barents“. The seminar fhas focused  on contemporary nomadic artistic practices, cultural mobility and artists dealing with issues of migration in their practice.

Hosts: Yulia Medvedeva (director of the Arkhangelsk Exhibition Hall and Arkhangelsk Artist in Residence program, Olga Popova (chairman of the Arkhangelsk branch of the Russian Union of Artists) and Cornelius Stiefenhofer.

Migration – a moment of mind is a realistic reflection on global processes, finding a response in the hearts and minds of the participating artists. Reflect what is happening in the today while exploring the facets of migration presented in the exhibition.
In the exhibition take part Nogr (Russia), Antti Tenetz (Finland), Knutte Wester
(Sweden), Elina Waage Mikalsen (Norway), Kristin Tårnes (Norway), Angelica Ruffier (Sweden/France) and Pilar de Burgos (Sweden/Mexico). The exhibition is funded by Nordic Culture Fund, Norbottens län and Barentskult.


All photos: Eduard Mikryukov


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