CCW Residencies: Liva Dudareva (LT) -> Tromsø/Kirkenes (NOR)


Liva Dudareva (LT) | Troms fylkeskultursenter, Tromsø / Pikene på broen, Kirkenes, Norway, May 22-30, 2017


“It has been so valuable to get an insight of art community and activities above the polar circle. I was struck by the energy and relevance of the projects I got to learn about while in Tromso and Kirkenes – the topics that are being discussed ranging from geopolitics, resource extraction and de-colonization.
What I also found absolutely incredible is how art and culture is so integrated in the local community – it is not created for the typical international art crowd but really for the people residing in the locality. It thus provides a very different perspective on audience.

While in Kirkenes, I was also able to gather loads of materials and video footage, that I am hoping to develop further in a video piece about Arctic Futures.

I am very grateful for the connections that I was able to develop in Glasgow, Tromso and Kirkenes, and I am looking forward to keeping the conversations flowing.”

Liva Dudareva

1 screenshot from kirkenes city webcam

4 walking to the norwegian russian border


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