CCW Residencies: Alice Maselnikova (CZ/SWE) -> Murmansk (RUS)

Alice Maselnikova (CZ/SWE) | Gallery Ч9, Murmansk,   April  2017

Alice Maselnikova is Czech artist, curator, and art coordinator based in Stockholm. Aside from independent curatorial projects, she works with performance art, has been the project coordinator for Supermarket 2017 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, and a board member of Swedish NGO Art, Culture & Society. She holds a BA (Hons) degree in Art, Philosophy, and Contemporary Practices and is writing her thesis for an MA in Curating Art at Stockholm University.

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Short impressions from Alice curatorial stay in Murmansk, Russia in April 2017

Alice Maselnikova in a meeting at the Barentssekretariat (Murmansk office)

Alice has been a member of Young Curators & Art Operators Network, a project initiated by Stockholm-based Intercult, as part of which she did a curatorial stay in Arkhangelsk in 2016 for the Arctic Art Forum. Alice has been focusing her research on curatorial practices in the rural contexts, namely in north-west Russia, and is now narrowing-down the exploration on Murmansk region through the Transfer North residency. Interested in bringing together the Swedish and Czech contacts with the Russian art scene, she is looking at the problematics that artists, curators and art workers face in rural conditions, including the means of funding (national or transnational), impact of local infrastructure or audience development.



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