CCW Residencies: IMA READ (NOR) -> St Petersburg (RUS)

IMA READ (NOR) | St Petersburg Art Residency, Russia,  March 20 – April 8, 2017


IMA READ members Cal Harben and Madelen Eliasson arrived to St Petersburg on March 20 for their Transfer North Curatorial and Critical Writing Residency.

They have been making new contacts with artists working in similar themes as IMA READ, of intersectional, queer and anti-racist feminism as informing their practise. They have been meeting and getting to know a local collective called Unwanted Organization, that will host a public presentation/discussion between us, and to invite members from the feminist library collective Feminfoteka to also present. The talk will be held this Saturday at a local bookstore and each of the three groups will give a brief presentation of some of their recent activities, and open it up to a discussion between the groups and those attending, to discuss further individual strategies, issues of audience, representation, format and realms of their work.

More info about the event with IMA READ in St Petersburg will be published soon!

IMA READ is an artist collective, established through a local urgency for the visibility of intersectional, queer feminist discourses in the North.
Visit their website and their facebook page


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