CCW Residencies: Liva Dudareva (LAT)-> Glasgow (UK)

LIVA DUDAREVA  |  CCW Residency at CCA Glasgow, sept 22 / oct 10, 2016

Liva Dudareva  is a co-founder of an art collective METASITU, a research based practice with a particular interest in developing strategies for the future, that range from the inhabitation and programming of the territory, urban development, evolution of technology or new social phenomena, as well as resource distribution. At METASITU Dudareva primarily works as video artist, curator, producer of urban knowledge and creative writer.

METASITU topics and fields of research include the urban fabric in its broadest sense: tele-communication networks, data centers and internet under-sea cables, global art initiatives, energy, industry and power.

Besides the professional and artistic expertise Dudareva will also bring to the residency program my passion for the subject of borders and interest about the Northern regions in general.

Liva Dudareva  lives and works in Sigulda in Latvia.

“During my stay at CCA I started developing a new body of work based on the studies of borders and more importantly, borderlands. My case studies were Tiraspol in Transnistria, which I visited earlier this summer, and Kirkenes in Norway, which I will be visiting in May 2017 as part of the Transfer North Residency.”

The tentative title of the project I started at CCA is “State of Border(s)” – dealing with the emergence of new forms of governance, the characteristics/ conditions/states of the Borderland. “State of Border(s)” looks in particular to the border conditions associated with institutionalization of a physical terrain – an understanding that is one of the pillars or myth framing the modern nation-state accompanied by a hymn and a flag, a territory and a people. I want to look beyond that terrain and understand the modus operandi of Borderland/Borders in a state transgressing the territoriality – the state of mind and the state of global citizenships.

I was looking into the two different nationality laws that exist – jus solis and jus sanguis ( the former being attached to a territory and the latter to a dna). In the context of Tiraspol, I think it lies beyond sanguis or solis but more ‘culturis’. State of Border(s) aims to draw along this new form of ‘citizenship’, more than just naturalization of bodies, has to do with
affiliation to a certain body of knowledge, a certain set of values. These were some of the ideas that I embedded with my ongoing line of work, and that i presented at a public talk that took place on October 5th at the cinema room of the CCA.”

«I hope to include a chapter in my research about borders, and continue the work of ‘State of Border(s)’ during my residency at Kirkenes, where I will be exploring the area around the border with the largest GDP disparity in the world (Russia / Norway). Not only the idiosyncrasy of its remote geography, but also the notion of it being a territory of refuge (with refugees crossing the border on bikes after an intricate journey from, generally the middle east, to the arctic circle).»


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